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So you’d like to add an Irish Setter to your family?

We welcome all inquiries regarding owning an Irish Setter, as we are prepared to educate you about our beloved breed. You are welcome to look at our Litters page ​to check out our planned breedings or for puppies that are currently available. You can obtain a great deal of information from that page, including photos of the sire and dam and a small biography of each, their individual pedigrees, a pedigree for the planned litter, and a link to their health clearances. On occasion, we may have a young adult Irish available. If we do not have the right dog for you, we are happy to refer you to another reputable Irish Setter breeder as we all would like to see  you with a healthy, happy puppy.

To give you some insight about our dogs, all of them live in the house with us. Our puppies are born in the 

house, in our living room - front and center and in the middle of it all. They are snuggled and handled throughout the day and are exposed to new things, our adult dogs, household noises, and even our house cats! 

All puppies are assigned a color name to distinguish them from their littermates. Our puppies are weaned at about 4 weeks of age and they interact with mom after weaning, which we believe is essential. We expose our puppies to different sounds and surfaces as well, including teeters, grated flooring (an old airline crate door is great for this!), and even the vacuum cleaner. The puppies are dewormed starting at 2 weeks of age and they begin litter training at the same time. We find that litter trained puppies are easier to transition to crate training. Our puppies begin crate training at 8 weeks of age. The puppies also receive their first vaccinations at 8 weeks of age. We vaccinate our puppies for distemper and parvo as these diseases are life threatening. We advise an appropriate exposure-based vaccination protocol to our puppy buyers and encourage them to seek the advice of their veterinarian. Exposure to infectious diseases will vary depending on the geography in which our puppies will be living. We advise against over vaccination, yet we do recognize the important role vaccinations play in preventing disease.

All puppies are microchipped before they go to their new homes and this information is included in the puppy information binder that each new owner receives. We also take weekly stacked photos to aid us in evaluating the litter for conformation. Never fear, we always have a camera nearby to take those precious candid shots! We do our best to update the website with puppy photos regularly.

Puppies sold as companion quality will be available after 9 weeks of age. When we have multiple puppies of potential show quality, it is possible that we will ask you to wait until 10 weeks of age before letting a pup go, as sometimes it takes that long to determine which puppies will be placed in a show vs non-show home. Since we are breeding each litter for our own continuation of a line, not every puppy is for sale in any given litter. We take great care in matching the perfect puppy for you and your family; our puppy questionnaire helps us get to know you and we look forward to expanding our BrambleBush family.

BrambleBush Irish Setters

BrambleBush Irish Setters

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