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Originally founded in Georgia in 1975, BrambleBush Irish Setters lives on as a small kennel in Maryland. We strive to breed correct Irish Setters in type, structure, and temperament. We have always maintained the old adage “form follows function.” All of our dogs live in our home as they are our family members. Our dogs compete in conformation, obedience, field, and most importantly, excel as healthy and loving family members. We seek full health clearances and breed carefully as we are committed to the preservation of the Irish Setter breed.


As members of the Irish Setter Club of America, the Eastern Irish Setter Association, the Potomac Irish Setter club, and the Irish Setter Club of Greater Richmond, we abide by the Irish Setter Club of America Code of Ethics. 

-BrambleBush Irish Setters-

BrambleBush Irish Setters

BrambleBush Irish Setters

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