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BrambleBush Irish Setters

I have loved, owned, bred, and show Irish Setters for over 20 years. I received my first Irish Setter in 1999 while living in Georgia where I attended the University of Georgia and graduated from University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 2013. As a veterinarian, health and temperament are of the utmost importance in our breeding program. I actively show in conformation and participate in numerous health studies related to the Irish Setter aimed at improving the health and well being of our amazing breed.

While working as a veterinary technician in the 1990's, I met Dr. Charlene Kickbush and the rest is history. Charlene founded BrambleBush Irish Setters in the 1970's and lovingly bred and showed her dogs for decades. After working for Charlene for many years, I had the amazing opportunity to take the BrambleBush reins and continue the lineage of these wonderful dogs. Charlene is so much more than just a mentor to me and I am thankful for her continued guidance and love. 


Today BrambleBush Irish Setters lives on as a small kennel in Maryland. Weekends are spent loving and showing our dogs and when not in the show ring we can often be found hiking, swimming, and rollicking about. We thank you for wanting to learn more about us and our wonderful dogs.

The History of BrambleBush


BrambleBush Irish Setters was founded in 1975 by Charlene Kickbush, DVM. Dr. Kickbush was not only a top Irish Setter breeder but served as president of the Irish Setter Club of Georgia.

Dr. Kickbush also served on the board of the Irish Setter Club of America. Her years of careful and successful breeding produced numerous conformation, agility, and obedience champions. 

I have bred, shown and owned Irish Setters since the late 1990's. After completing my DVM degree, I moved from Georgia to Maryland to accept a position at a small animal hospital where I emphasize surgery. At BrambleBush we breed only occasionally to continue our wonderful line of Setters and do so only when the time is just right. 

Charlene Kickbush obtained her first Irish Setter in 1972 as a birthday gift and within 2 years had her first show quality Irish Setter, which would go on to be the foundation bitch of BrambleBush Irish Setters. This lovely bitch was Palomar’s Molly Dew Indeed (Ch Candia Indeed ROM x Palomar’s Rollingbay Molly). Molly was bred and owned by Lauralea and Tom Conlon of Palomar Irish Setters.  Lauralea was Charlene’s mentor and friend until her death.  It was only fitting that Molly was Charlene’s heart dog.  

Charlene produced her first homebred litter in 1982.  Ch. Windermere Marrakesh Express CD sired by Ch Ash-Ling Celebration (Ch. Draherin King’s Ransom x Glenavan Taste O’Honey) was bred to Katie to produce this litter.  This was a line breeding on Draherin and Courtwood lines bred to Charlene’s Bayberry stock.  In the 1980s, Charlene continued to focus on Charlton and Draherin lines.  Charlene’s husband, Tom Greer, was welcomed to the BrambleBush team in 1988.  Tome was a professional dog handler and became an integral part of BrambleBush Irish Setters. One of Charlene’s most successful breedings was that of Ch. Arab Irish Monte Hall (bred by Cecily Barker and co-owned with Charlene) to Ch. BrambleBush Autumn Design.  This breeding produced Ch. BrambleBush Unfrknblvbl “Killian” and Ch. BrambleBush Irish Design “Kelley.”  Kelley was bred to Ch. Kerry-Eire Hocus Pocus CD to produce two bitches; one of these was BrambleBush Toil and Trouble “Brew.” Brew was the dog that really started me on my breeding path.

I started working for Charlene as a veterinary technician in 1998 and obtained my first Irish setter, BrambleBush Private Parts “Howie”, in 1999.  Howie was one of my heart dogs and was a wonderful companion.  Charlene and Tom fostered my desire to show in conformation, thus Brew came to live with me.  Charlene bred Brew back to Killian which produced a beautiful litter that contained two bitches BrambleBush Sit For a Spell “Spell” and BrambleBush Witches Brew “Bubbles.”  Spell stayed with me and was shown and pointed as a young puppy.  Bubbles was co-owned with Dr. BJ Parsons and Kristen Apodaca and was shown and finished by Kristen.  Bubbles was bred to Ch. Greenbrier’s The Websurfer “Webster” owned by the late Geri Cuthbert.  This breeding produced BJ’s BrambleBush I’m a Survivor “Reba.” Reba was shown by Kristen and is major pointed.  At the age of three, Reba returned to Charlene and came to live with me.  In an effort to line breed back to Ch Seregon Second Edition, Spell was bred to Gallivan’s Special K “Kenney” owned by Anne Perfetti.  This breeding produced BrambleBush Kiss Me In The Rain “Smooch.”  Smooch was shown as a young puppy.  I then took a hiatus from showing and breeding as I was admitted to veterinary school at the University of Georgia (GO DAWGS!).

After graduating veterinary school in 2013, I moved to Maryland to accept a position at a prominent veterinary clinic in the greater DC Metropolitan area. My return to actively showing and breeding dogs has been a breath of fresh air. In 2016, BJ's BrambleBush I'm A Survivor "Reba" was bred to MBISS GCHS Rusticwood Bentley Corsica "Bentley" which produced a wonderful litter with amazing temperaments and some promising show prospects. Our most recent litter, whelped February 2018, produced possibly our best litter to date, including our newest addition BrambleBush Piper At The Gates Of Dawn "Declan" who brings with him a great deal of excitement and anticipation. We cannot wait to see what this lovely boy has in store. Thank you for taking an interest in our dogs and in us. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

(Charlene and I at my Graduation Ceremony in 2013)

(Charlene with one of her Irish Red & White Setters)

BJ's BrambleBush I'm A Survivor Reba

(Reba at the 2017 ISCA National Specialty in Rhode Island)

BrambleBush Irish Setters

BrambleBush Irish Setters

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