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BrambleBush Me And Bobby McGee

(CH Pompei's Easy Lover x BJ's BrambleBush I'm A Survivor)

Bobby McGee is the puppy I kept from the Boone x Reba litter. It was my first litter since graduating from Veterinary School and while I wasn't yet ready to return to the show ring, he was a puppy that I just couldn't part with. I didn't keep Bobby as a show prospect, I chose to keep him for his larger than life personality. He is always more than happy to make you laugh. Bobby loves most everything in life. He is a pheonomenal companion, wonderful puppy-raiser, and resident wild man! He is the type of dog that is game for anything and you can often find him hiking with us on the weekends. ...or yodeling.

BrambleBush Irish Setters

BrambleBush Irish Setters

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